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The mission of Furry Elementary is to prepare our children to be effective communicators in an environment that promotes and protects the self-worth of each individual.

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Furry Elementary School

Along with the core curriculum outlined by the state of Ohio, Furry Elementary School offers many opportunities for our children to start their education as a Perkins Pirate.  Furry is in its third year of housing a half-day preschool program, Little Treasures.  Furry also has a half-day Pre-Kindergarten program, Little Pirates, for our younger kindergarten students who may not be ready for full-day kindergarten.  Furry Elementary School offers various opportunities for our children to learn and grow as our entire staff works together to create an environment where each child learns to be successful.

A picture of the Furry Elementary School buildingVarious curriculums are in place to support the high expectations we have for our students.  All of our teachers use Fundations in their classroom to support phonological/phonemic awareness and spelling, which in turn, will help us become fluent readers.  Our Title I program services those who struggle with reading by using Fundations and/or Wilson Reading.  Our district adopted Go Math, a very aggressive math program that pushes our students to learn various strategies to master math skills.

Our children have access to various technologies throughout the day.  Each of our teachers have Smart Boards in their classrooms that allow our children to interact with the learning taking place.  Most of our classrooms have iPads and/or iPod Touches, as well as access to MacBook Airs and a Mac Lab that can be used in one way or another during the school day.  Through the use of technology we are able to utilize various apps and programs to help us learn the required skills in multiple formats.  The staff at Furry Elementary are very aware that they are the foundation for life-long learning and they strive make that learning fun and focused while taking each child’s abilities and interests into account.


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